In this section you can find an overview of the table of contents for the third edition of the textbook, and also a detailed contents page. The book is published (January 2020) in two volumes by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).






Volume  1:  Weaponeering: An Introduction

Chapter 1    Overview of Weaponeering and Weapon Effectiveness 

Chapter 2    Introduction to Statistical Methods                                      

Chapter 3    Weapon Trajectory                                                                        

Chapter 4    Delivery Accuracy: Overview                                                 

Chapter 5    Accuracy of GPS/INS Guided Munitions                          

Chapter 6    Introduction to Vulnerability and Effectiveness       

Chapter 7    Vulnerability Assessment: Implementation                  

Chapter 8    Effectiveness Assessment: Implementation                   

Chapter 9    Calculating Damage Probabilities: Monte Carlo Methods

Chapter 10     Calculating Damage Probability: Deterministic Methods                                                           

Chapter 11     Single Weapons Directed Against an Area of Targets                                                                                            

Chapter 12     Stick Deliveries   

Chapter 13     Cluster Munitions                                                      

Chapter 14      Projectiles

Chapter 15     Weaponeering for Specific Targets using Effectiveness Indices 

Chapter 16     Surface-to-Surface Weaponeering: Indirect Fire

Chapter  17     Direct Fire: Infantry, Vehicles, and Small Boats

Chapter 18     Computer Implementation of Weaponeering Methods

Volume  2:  Advanced Weaponeering

Chapter 1    Historical Review of Weapon Effects Methods  

Chapter 2    Advanced Trajectory Methods   

Chapter 3    Delivery Accuracy

Chapter 4    Accuracy of Air-Launched Unguided Weapons 

Chapter 5    Accuracy of Surface-Launched Unguided Munitions   

Chapter 6    Aimpoint Optimization for Multiple Weapon Attacks  

Chapter 7    Nonhomogeneous Targets

Chapter 8    Cratering

Chapter 9    Ground Penetration

Chapter 10    Moving Targets

Chapter 11    Air Blast

Chapter 12    Tunnels

Chapter   13    Personnel Injury

Chapter 14    Aboveground Buildings and Bunkers

Chapter 15    Bridge Targets

Chapter 16    Mines

Chapter 17    Collateral Damage Estimation

Chapter 18    Ray Tracing Effectiveness Methodologies

Chapter 19    Anti–Air Weapon Effectiveness

Chapter 20    Target Acquisition